RaShell - Doodles #9 & 10

Oh, boy, the competition is fierce!!! I think I already gave up on trying to keep up with the others (who seem more like forces of nature than doodlers to me ;)) but I'll still doodle-along and try to have fun in the process. These two are the latest addition. First, the Eye River:

And another is this Snail-Like Creature that keeps popping up once in a while whenever I let my pen loose on the paper.


linda said...

I dig all the eyes. I look forward to seeing more [No pun intended, I just couldn't figure out how to word it]

Maria Doering said...

The Eyeriver is powerful! Imagine that as a wallpaper... in a house... crazy!!!!

Racheal said...

wow. eyeriver. hot.

i think we have alot of hidden textile/pattern artists here...i'm a fan