Meet Linda Yesline

I'm the designer/owner of Aster+Sage and I spend a lot of time doing non-artsy things like talking to customers and bookkeeping.

Location: New Jersey

Strategy: Make my best effort to doodle as much as I can. Not sure if I will over-edit or under-edit, which will cause me to either rue posting some of my cringe-y doodlings, or find myself woefully under-posting because I can't bear to bare all, ya know?

Hope to Gain: Of recent years I've become addicted to using my Sharpie Ultra Fine point for absolutely everything and I am working to kick my habit. Also partial to Zebra ballpoint pens, but that's not such a problem for me. I just want to explore what kind of doodles will emerge from me when I'm put to the test.

Note: Photo shows my doodle partner (and daughter). Sometimes we collaborate; I think you'll recognize her work when it shows up.

P.S. Sorry for showing up late-- I showed my products at an outdoor sale this cold+rainy weekend, and I thought it would make for prime doodle time. Turns out, I was quite busy and sold a lot! Goes to show, when you think you've got time to doodle, life gets in the way...


Maria Doering said...

What's your daughter's name? She is super cute! :D Welcome to the doodle-off! Congratulations to your sucessful sales! No worries I thought I had time to doodle while moving an unpacking... NOPE. ;)

Racheal said...


hey linda! welcome!

i cant imagine doodling in the rain, but am intrigued by the idea.

linda said...

You two are so sweet!
Her name is Ella.