Racheal #9-16

I've been listening to alot of depressing music and watching alot of depressing movies, no reason in particular!
i have been protectedsleeping lessonswaiting in vain
I have no patience to edit the doodles individually. This is getting rough, and I'm only on doodle #16....but that might be all the angst talking from the depressing media overload.


RaShell said...

Rach, I'm in awe!!! I always admired your fancy lettering and other stuff, but these drawings are just so gentle and soft and great, I bow down to you :)))

K is for Calligraphy said...

I love love the toot toot! Doodle til you bleed! xo, Katy

Mike Lewis said...

studies of Rebecca are amazing

Maria Doering said...

Racheal these are fantastic!!! BTW you are sooo way ahead of me! (like most people here, geez we should have set the goal mark to 100 in a month, most people would have easily made that one.)
My absolute favorite is the top portrait. Wow so intense!!