Meet Reverend Ross

Hi I'm Rossy. I live in New Orleans, LA. I was born with a mental disorder/spiritual calling called 'cartooning' or 'cartoonism'. 'Cartoonists' don't ask for pity or special treatment but money or free drinks would be nice. I draw people in the park for money so I'm used to scribbling real fast which is good because your mind has no time to get in the way. That only happens at home but I'm gonna whup it. Up until now I've mostly drawn demons, violence and animals but I've recently branched out into pretty girls and hillbillies. I hope you'll be as excited about that as I am. Thanks for the invite, folks.

Meditation, ADHD meds, blood rituals, animism, spells, revenants, bourbon, the trance state, ok now GO!
(Still working out the kinks. I'm a gettin' there.)

What I hope to gain:
Gnosis, bragging rights and your love.


Maria Doering said...

love the eyelashes! :) Welcome!

wee-fi said...

hooray! I like hillbillies :D

Racheal said...

hi ross.

Bronny said...