Meet Vickie

Hi! I'm Vickie Morgan and live in Colorado. I'm a full-time music educator who loves to doodle in my "spare" time. LOL. I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with this, but a little worried about enough time to upload the pix.

Strategy: I don't really have one other than to have pen and paper in hand at all times. I've also been making a list of possible things to doodle on other than paper.

What do I hope to gain: some new ideas to feed my creative appetite.


Maria Doering said...

Welcome Vicky!
I love that we are all from so many different places! You from Colorado, Racheal: Connecticut, Fiona is currently in NYC, I live in Montreal, Canada and I can't wait to hear where everyone else is from!
Anyways, goood luck! :)

wee-fi said...

Welcome to the doodle off Vickie! Uploading and scanning is the hardest part, but maybe even just make some time once or twice a week and throw them all up on 'ere! Good luck! :)

Racheal said...

hi vickie! what grade(s) do you teach?

Bronny said...

Hiya! :) I'm so glad we are all doodling together!