Meet Racheal

I'm Racheal. The Doodle Off was started a year ago (maybe two). The first one was between Fi, Maria, and I and it was mild and fun. Then Maria challenged us again last summer, added in a few new people, and she threw some curveballs with material. Looking back, I think we started it because we were out of art school, separated by location, were bored (well at least I was), and I wasn't making a lot of art. Through them I personally discovered a style of line work I didn't know I had that I now use often, plus it was fun.

I don't have one, which is why I have never won. I will give you a tip though, doodling is the easy part. It's the scanning and uploading that sucks. Get a routine with scanning.

My personal doodle-off Goals:
>start to experiment with capturing human emotion and character development and see where that takes me
>make it to at least 100 doodles

(p.s. the little illustrator is my blogger identity for future reference)


Reverend Ross said...

Racheal is a cutie pie!

Maria Doering said...

:) I think we also kind of started it as a joke someone said something about a Master doodler... and all of a sudden it was ON! ;).

Fiona said...

On like donkey kong. Hollaaaa

Bronny said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! :)