Meet Fiona Clark (aka Wee-fi)

About me:
Heyaaaaz! My name is Fiona Clark. I'm an artist residing in NYC, and I have been a hardcore doodler since 1999. Woah, that's ten years actually. Okay, anyway - I have the same sentiments as Maria: Let's have some fun!

Doodle strategy:
Once again, same as Maria - use "waiting" time to doodle and also to do more small doodles. I tend to spend a lot of time on large drawings lately and that won't get me very far in terms of doodle numbers.

What I hope to gain:
Last time there was a doodle off, I didn't participate because of starting a new job and moving to the city. This time, I am moving at the beginning June...I do work full time Monday-Friday...and I will be away for a week of vacation at the end of May. So I have the same life obstacles as everyone and I hope I don't let that get in the way! I also hope to gain some new friends and artwork by the end of this.

Ciao for now all!<3


Racheal said...

how long is the plane ride to the DR? you can totally rock this.
or u can have jaimie the turtle doodle for u. noone will know.

Bronny said...

Yay! I'm happy we decided to do this :)