Meet: Maria Doering (defending "Master Doodler")

Hello my dear fellow "Doodlers",
since most of you are here to kick me off my "Master Doodler" throne and make me hand over the scepter I thought I might as well start with the introduction. :)
I know some of you have been nervous about the amount of doodles and the many participants, but I say, lets just have a really good time! After all we are all here because we love drawing. So see it as a challenge but also as the perfect excuse to do what you absolutely love anyways: Being creative!

My doodle-off strategy generally is to draw every single day and do it anytime i have more than 3 minutes of "idle" time. Meaning during my commute in the metro, on the bus or in the car (as passenger of course), standing in line, at the doctor's office, in front of the TV, etc... You'd be surprised how often we are "waiting" for something. A doodle can be as quick as a 5 minute drawing to as long as a 2 hour drawing or more. It really depends. For the first 2 Doodle-Off's I bought myself a small moleskin that fit into my pocket and purse which turned out to be the perfect size drawing anywhere without having to lug around a huge sketchbook. :) I think this is as much off my Master Doodler strategy secrets as I can reveal. Oh one more thing, the first 2 weeks tend to be the hardest, once you are used to the constant drawing routine it becomes something like an addiction ;).

My personal doodle-off Goals:
Develop 2 or 3 new patterns.
Play with some new materials.
Do at least 5 representational value drawings.

I also wanted to let you know that I might be a bit delayed in posting during the first week. This Friday, Scott (the handsome man in my photo) and I are going to sign the lease for our new apartment. So I'll have to doodle while packing my life into boxes and then unpacking it all again two streets over. I love challenges! :)
Bring it on!


wee-fi said...

Yes to patterns :D woo hooz!

Maria Doering said...

;) hihihi

Racheal said...

i'm so amped!!! you created so many knew patterns last time, so this time has some nice potential.

but knowing you, you will probably doodle on the boxes you pack.

Maria Doering said...

HAHAHAHA, I didn't think of that! Great Idea though!

Bronny said...

Yay! And congrats on the new place :)