Some Owls Coming your way 13-22

I'm in the middle of a project where I am trying to figure out want owls to look like. I will be doing work on a children's book this summer with a lead character that is an owl. So I did a lot of sketches of owls today.

This one's a stereo/owl.

On to other animals....

This is a bird/pumpkins fan. Rainy days always = Smashing Pumpkins.

A little animal Obama respect.

A little stones line illo.

Just a little note for the Mets and for me too. Managed to have a bunch of good news the past two days after a long dry spell.




Reverend Ross said...

The Rolling Stones or the Flintstones? Looks like it could be either.

Maria Doering said...

I have to admit I have a crush on your owls.. :D

RaShell said...

Great Owls, especially the stereo-headed one :)))

Racheal said...

bow tie owl!!! i could for a tootsie pop.

wee-fi said...

aw... I think the little light bulb robot is cute. I wanna take him home!!!