NOT Linda 1-4

During the art sale this past weekend I told a bunch of people about the Doodle Off. One young man I met, named Kyle, poo-pooed my efforts and said 150 doodles is nothing. And proceeded to gift me a handful of his own doodles, created on the spot. So I felt it was incumbent upon me to share his "art" with you. Hey, a doodle's just a doodle, but Kyle [whom I will now refer to as "The Scribbler"] does not seem to fully appreciate our endeavor. But let me not stand in the way of his artwork:


Maria Doering said...

haha that's great! Thanks for sharing those! ;) Does he know his work is now online?

Racheal said...

HAHAHA!!!! there's an air of confidence in these and i like it

too cute