Racheal #26-29

I'm making it my personal goal to get up to 35 by tomorrow because next week I have serious magazine work to do and won't be posting.
raincloudelements of design
I've been visually stuck on some layouts for Underground Art School so I started looking/studying alot of different magazines, from GQ, to Print, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and on. Most of them have been using this design element and I can't take it anymore.


ShareWorldLove said...

These are beautiful! They are fantastic!

Reverend Ross said...

She's got a purty mouth.

shane said...

cool inkings:)

RaShell said...

I really like the dripping dude... Rach you keep me scraping my jaw from the floor with every entry :) I really really like your style.

Racheal said...

thanks everyone!

after this past week, i realized i have artistic style ADD. i have a few diff. ways of making an image and its hard to tell which style is more prevelant or which one i'll use b/c i get bored easily with making art and switching it up keeps me interested.

who knew! amen for the doodle off.

RaShell said...

Haha, I am EXACTLY like that. Extremely happy that I don't "do art for the living", cause I'd get bored very quickly and wouldn't stick with one style :))) Ok, so I guess I like all of your different styles, Rach :)