Linda 18-23

Today I bought a set of ceramic dishes for mixing watercolors and I
have found they are thoroughly delightful to use.

I was also reunited with my Uniball roller pen. I find it's hard to
use for writing, too slow and scratchy, and it also has a tendency
to burst open in my tote bag... so I don't necessarily recommend them.
But I've always loved drawing skinny little made up things with it,
and I forgot how much fun those doodles were.

I found a handful of crayons and I tried them along with the
watercolor. Wax resist is awesome, crayons+watercolor=fun!


Anonymous said...

My favorites are the top 2. Nice!

Racheal said...

is that a new logo you're using?? it's gorgeous!!!

linda said...

Racheal, you mean the logo printed on the card? It's the same logo I've always used, thank you for the compliment!
Since we've moved from RI to NJ I have a ton of cards with our old address...perfect scrap paper!