Racheal # 19-25

Cool. So I didn't feel like retaliating too much because I really wanted to draw baby animals.
baby animals save lives
I was inspired by Julia's watercolors.


Mike Lewis said...

are you sure that pandas don't like turtles for breakfast?

Reverend Ross said...

I'm sexy and I save lives.

Racheal said...

no! pandas are vegetarians. maybe not this one however. i dont think the turtle is a vegetarian either. and maybe even the bunny, which is left as a mystery. ross is def. going to kill something and have it for dinner.

baby animals give off life saving sonar. all you have to do is look at them and they change the electrons in your body so you feel happiness.

Spiderbite said...

Aw look at Rev as a baby seal! Doesn't it just make you want to club him to death in the most brutal fashion?