A couple more

First off. We have the sketchbook that apparently is taking the brunt of the Doodle off work from Mike, newly decorated, sketched on and ready.....

#8 Ahh the Mightylark. Who knew you would last so long?

#9 Thank god Dante wrote nothing of the Hellsnail. Hellspawn are way easier to deal with. Just imagine everything going so slow.....the Hellsloth would most likely be his sidekick too.

#10 Come on. Just give the brain a little turn so I can get going. You know?

#11 And on the same theme.....

#12 New England won't stop raining. Boo.

I have more but I need to go mail a painting out. Woot. I'll be back later.


Racheal said...

i'm relating to these. our weather needs to change now.

Racheal said...

i just wanted to let you know, the sun is out today:)

Mike Lewis said...