Maria 's Doodle #12 - 17

So I'm almost done moving, now I'm finally finding some time to doodle again, and I can see we should have set the competition to 200 in 2 months, at the rate that everyone is going! In less than a week some are already up to 40, wow!! :) Great job guys! Those who will "finish" early I hope you won't let the 150 stop you, I hope you'll just keep going! Great job everyone!!!!!! I`m super excited for that book of doodles Racheal, RaShell and I are putting together at the end of this. With all these amazing doodles it`ll be really great!


Anonymous said...

och,nuffnuff sweet!

Racheal said...

i love the softer side to these doodles maria! usually you use bold color but i like this palette and forms

wee-fi said...