Linda 9-16

Uhmmm, I call it "Ton 'O Doodles". I bought new paper today and I
thought I'd try it out...I never thought I'd cover the entire page
with doodles. 11"x15" of doodle lovin'. I can't say it's pretty but it
was mind-numbingly therapeutic. Working on a couple traffic light
doodles, still in progress-- tomorrow when I'm waiting at the
intersection of Van Doren and Main Street I've got a doodle to
finish... until then, good night!


Dawn said...

I REALLY like this! What did you use for color?

Maria Doering said...

I really like this too, you have an extraordinary sense of color!!!

linda said...

You gals are TOO kind!

My tools 'o the trade are Windsor+Newton watercolors and a funky cheap little stacking set of watercolors I bought at Utrecht and I bet they're all student grade but it's got like 20 colors and it's perfect for doodling.

Racheal said...

supa fresh linda! isn't it funny how many doodles can turn into a final finished piece of art