Racheal Anilyse: Doodles 1-8

Le Femmes are the best to draw. I have an entire notebook filled with them coming your way. After that, it's zee boys. By the way, that little patch of 5 small doodles I'm counting as one, because they were all on the same page. Word.


Maria Doering said...

oh racheal!!! They are brilliant! I reallllly adore the art nouveau one.. bottom left. I am sure you know all about Alphonse Mucha? that brilliant Czek painter and deco artist?
I saw a huge retrospective of his work when I was in Prag. Oh my goodness. :)
also really love the one with the feather! You are really starting to master hair! and I am loving the style you are developing along the way!

KisforCalligraphy said...

tres bien! I think this should count as doodles 1-12! OK only 92 more to go! I support you all the way Rachie Doodle!

KisforCalligraphy said...

"Rachie Doodle went to town...riding on her pony...stuck a feather in her hat...and called it macaroni!"
song adapted by Katy for Racheal!

Dolores said...

Racheal, your doodles are awesome, I think my favorite is the one on the bottom left side. Can't wait to see the other 92.