#1-5: Late Registration

So I'm a little bit slow to start, but I got a couple doodles to spice it up.

I've found my damn scanner doesn't scan my favorite coloring materials very well: highlighters. I'm a little sad that these doodles, one time quite vibrant are faded and sad. My favorite sweet tangerine is now just a dull gray red. Try to enjoy anyway.


Some kids and their dad.


I'm always worried about possibly being handicapped. So really, a self portrait.


Shy, shy, shy


I'm allergic to cats!


I'm classy most of the time.


Grooveycrafts said...

I find scanning things in doesn't always pick up the colour right, have you tried photographing it? Maybe the colour would be picked up better. always worth a try :)

Maria Doering said...

I was just about to suggest that too.

Jimmy I'm so glad you are in the doodle off!
They are delicious! Creeeeepy! Fabulous! :D I don't have a favorite yet they are alll really good!
alright.. enough with the compliments

wee-fi said...

haha. you rock, sir.

Racheal said...

I want a Sasquatch print.
Meow meow meow reminds me of where the wild things are so some type of maurice sendak stuff.

Your sketches are fun. Brush them shoulders off...you do rock.

Alice Wong said...

I've have always liked your doodles!!! I'm excited to see what else you post