In honor of Racheal

Dear Doodlers,

our dear friend and original founder of the doodle-off Racheal Anilyse passed away this past November. In honor of her incredible talent, love for art and anyone who was interested in it, Fiona had the idea to start a 1 year daily doodle project. http://dailydoodlez.tumblr.com/ if you would like to join us in this project please comment to this post with a contact email address and we will send you the necessary information. Or if you have our contact information send us an e-mail directly.

Hope to see you all at daily doodlez.




It's that time of the Pumpkin Season and I love pumpkins but I dislike carving them. Here's a better way to display your pumpkins without the hassle of cutting or carving anything. Not only it will look great, it'll last longer and it's an artwork that you created.

All you have to do is have some sharpie pens and a pumpkin.

You don't have to know how to draw, that's the beauty of doodling.  Enjoy!


UPDATE. - No we have not forgotten about you amazing people!!!

First of all THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you super cool people who worked so hard! This was by far the most exciting Doodle-off EVER. I can not believe how amazing the work is and I am thrilled to start working on the book. Yes there will be a book!

Rachell, Racheal and I are working out the details on the Doodle-off book and possible Give-aways, right now, so as soon as we have it all figured out we are going to post it here and also contact all of you!
There are some things you guys can do right now.

All of you who qualified to be in the book (100 doodles):
- Choose 5 favorites from your own doodles in the competition.
- Those 5 need to be scanned at 300dpi. If you all have that ready for when we need it in the near future it will make the whole process much faster.
We are not sure if all 5 will be used but it will be helpful to have some to choose from eitherway. So 5 high - quality scans per artist would be fantastic.

- Choose one doodle that you are willing to donate. It must be the originial drawing. More details on that with the next update.

(my doodles are turning into prints, large prints :), what are your doodles doing? :) )


Still doing some drawing =p

The first one is cause I'm trying to sell my mattress and wanted to post something more interesting than just a photo of the mattress. The next two are for Rach's magazine: Underground Art School. Then the others are influenced by the fact that I saw No Doubt recently and can't get their lyrics outta my head!


Julia's Wall Of Fame Doodles

Although our journey ended, I have to say that I am glad that I participated in this challenge. It made me explore in different directions which I wouldn't have done otherwise. But the reason I'm writing is to show you what I've been up to. I decided to create some doodles where I work and make it into an art piece. So I convinced my co-workers to join in the fun by doodling 2 post notes a day until we fill in a poster size frame. Here are a couple of images.


Dawn Doodles 95-100!

Yes, just made it...still before midnight (pacific time, U.S.)...It's actually 9:42 p.m....


Phew. Just made it. By my time zone, it's 11:30 pm.

Lani Doodles #90-100