In honor of Racheal

Dear Doodlers,

our dear friend and original founder of the doodle-off Racheal Anilyse passed away this past November. In honor of her incredible talent, love for art and anyone who was interested in it, Fiona had the idea to start a 1 year daily doodle project. http://dailydoodlez.tumblr.com/ if you would like to join us in this project please comment to this post with a contact email address and we will send you the necessary information. Or if you have our contact information send us an e-mail directly.

Hope to see you all at daily doodlez.



Anonymous said...

Oh my.. I can't believe it! My heart goes out to family and friends. She will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Hi i was in one of the doodleoffs before and would like to join up for your one a day on tumblr.. my email is shanetroggio@gmail.com