RaShell Doodles 56-66

I'm getting no breaks here... I fix one thing, the other breaks. These 10 doodles are what I managed to scan and save before my computer went all kaplowee (sp?)... ;)
So, here goes:

Raven fairy. In case you'd like to know what kind of YA crap I just finished reading...

Baloonheads (or shall we call them airheads for full measure? ;):


This, together with the scissors-face is one of my ideas for things that are dreaming of different "carreers" for themselves.


Desperate times - desperate measures. I'll have to count these as 5 doodles. Sorry guys. It's sort of a short story of helping each other and getting more than you bargained for. There. Too deep? :)))


linda said...

the snail/fish ones are the sweetest! i'd love to see more!

GreenSpaceGoods said...

I love the snake/eyes one! Don't sweat the 5. I've got huge detailed doodles that I've counted as 1 and tiny sketchy things I've counted as 1. It evens out.

Racheal said...

ahhhh the snake!!!! excellent