Puttering Along Doodles 65-72

While I remain in the dust of those who are speeding right along, I still doodle. I don't know how the front runners are doing it! I've decided that rather than try to keep up, I will be happy with just getting 100 done by July 1 and watching what the rest of you doodle.

My latest:

Doodle 65 is my feeble attempt at doodling on a leaf from our indoor ficus. I tried a Sharpie and a ballpoint pen. Neither worked well. And no worries, the leaf had fallen off the tree already. No leaves were sacrificed for this poor doodle.

Doodle 66 is half an art journal page:

Doodle 67 is more of the wooden drawer thingy:

Doodle 68 is an art journal page doodle I did during the National Spelling Bee:

Doodles 69-71:

Doodle 72:

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