RaShell's Doodles 24-41

Ok, sorry guys, I've been meaning to scan my doodles and every time something else came up and I didn't :( So, here's the motherload... Of course, I am still seriously behind some of you who turned out to be not only talented but also extremely productive! I'll start with the highest number (and the most decent quality) and work my way down, in hopes that nobody scrolls that far ;)

41 Pomegranate:

40 Eureka!!!

33-39 Ok, I'm just plain lazy, so I'll count these as 7 separate doodles :-p

32 Melting Teddy:

31 An alien caterpillar. Frankly, I think all insects are, but this in particular is a definate UFO (Unidentified Freaky Object):

30 Must've been hungry:

29 I think I did this one whithout lifting up the pen:

28 Even though I drew him, but I have no idea who he is and why he appeared on my paper:

27 Sweeeeeeet :)

26 Eye Flower:

24-25 Two Masks:


Dawn said...

Yum! These look great!

linda said...

i am in love with the first one. LOVE.

Vickie said...

I like the alien caterpillar

Anonymous said...

intriguing. like the lightbulbs

Maria Doering said...