RaShell Doodles 40something-50

Now, this is proof that these are all very recent. I doodled this "statement" about 10 minutes ago, while enduring first hour of MTV MOvie Award... G-d, I'm glad I'm not 18 and don't have to like this stuff...

Watch out below!!!

Something's coming out of the roof of this house... I wonder what it is..

That's a sketch for a painting I'm going to do... Yes, I said painting. Possibly with paints ;)

Just keep doodling...

Musical Lady:

If you look closely, there's an alien in there:

A very strange mobile:


Racheal said...

i'm excited for that painting. what type of paint are you using?

surely you enjoyed bruno's crotch in eminems face? :)

i know you watched for twilight though...and rob hehehe. i did.

RaShell said...

Shhoooot, I forgot that I had a "partner in crime" here ;) Yeah, yeah, of course that's exactly why I'll never get these 2 hours of my life back, LOL. Eye candy was worth it, of course, and the butt-flight was funny. I also liked the opening act where this boy Andy(?) travels through all nominated movies (naked for the most part, of course). Did you see it?