RaShell - Doodles #2-5

"Mad Scientist" Head:

Underwater-themed patterns:

Snail-Haired lady:

T-shirt with a "wrinkle":


GreenSpaceGoods said...

I adore the mad scientist!!!

Maria Doering said...

ditto, the mad scientist is brilliant but i also really enjoy the face/shirt and am a biiiiig fan of the underwater patterns! they are beautiful! I could see those become big circles and be a wall pattern :D

wee-fi said...

mad scientist haha awesome!

RaShell said...

Yeah, mad scientist is one of my faves too. That's how I usually doodle, one thing kinda "blends" into another ;) Thanks for all the comments!

Racheal said...

mad scientist has more than one face!!!

i like all of the secret doodles inside a doodle thing going on in this competition.

Reverend Ross said...

This is some great stuff here.