Meet Spiderbite AKA Sarah Jane Evans

My answers to the questions presented by the Doodle Off e-mail. Here it goes.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Well, I'm an illustrator... who rarely illustrates. Since I graduated from art school I have been making fuzzy monster journals that eat bad dreams called Nightmare Snatchers®. Most of my days are comprised of being coated in faux fur & glue and chasing monster hair tumbleweeds around my apartment. But there was a time when I drew, painted, and considered myself an artist.

What's your doodle off strategy:

My strategy, like most things in my life, is to fly by the seat of my pants and see where it takes me. So far, it's made me late starting this competition...

What do you hope to gain from the competition?:

I hope to get back into drawing consistently. Having a deadline and companions doing it as well is a real boost to the motivation. Going it alone I've had no luck, so fingers crossed that seeing everyone else getting stuff done will force me to do it to it as well.

My self-portrait below is actually from 2003... so you can see how far behind I am in the game. But I felt it kinda summed up how I feel about the competition.


Mike Lewis said...

ow. poor brain.

Reverend Ross said...

I'm hoping for new self mutilation drawings. My fingers are crossed.

Maria Doering said...

wow! very dark, i like it! Welcome to the doodle-off! Glad you could make it! :)

(my word verification for this post was: "guted")

RaShell said...

Ooo, the bleeding brain is really cool!!! I like your monsters too, btw. Welcome to doodle-off!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and sooooo creative!

Racheal said...

yay!!! you're here! party time!