Meet Scott Thompson

Hi guys, sorry I'm a bit late!

My name is Scott and I'm currently in my last year of study at university in Wales. I'm studying computer games design and will be graduating this summer (if all goes to plan!)

I don't really have a doodle strategy - I'm just going to doodle as and when and see where that gets me. I need to draw more so I hope entering the Doodle Off will help me with that :)

Anyway, here is my first doodle. I may not be posting much more before the 12th of May as I have a massive uni deadline then but will be getting into the swing of things afterward!


wee-fi said...

Welcome! :) Already like your style - can't wait to see more.

Jeremy Treadwell said...

it's alright I was late too

Maria Doering said...

Welcome to the doodle off Scott! :) What do you study at Uni? Good luck with your deadline!

Racheal said...

hey scott! good luck at school! looking forward to more of these.

flippin' awesome.

Bronny said...

Oh, I've always wanted to go to Wales! Hiii!