Meet Jeremy Treadwell

Hello my name is Jeremy, I'm also a bit late. I'm sorry about that, I'm still attempting to master this stuff. I live in New Jersey and working as an artist/substitute teacher/Lawn keeper. I am a printmaker like Maria and hopefully will give her good competition this year!

I'm really bugger all at strategy, I'm more a jump in and realise I should have asked a few questions first hand for this right now.

I will put my first few in right after this. let's hope this post thing shows up


Maria Doering said...

Mr. Treadwell, you did an excellent job posting to a blog for the first time! :) Welcome!!!!

Jeremy Treadwell said...

yay lol, thank you love. I hope you like the pipe lol

Maria Doering said...

lol i do but I am not sure what you are trying to say in german next to it ;)

wee-fi said...

Welcome welcome!

Racheal said...

OMG JEREMY BLOGGED! and you lived!

i like your enthusiastic portrait. are you saying i'm number one or telling maria no?

Bronny said...

Hi there!