Meet Anthony Quinn

Meet Anthony Quinn
Another late starter! I've drawn on and off since I was a kid. Although trained to draw ‘things’, people hold more interest as a subject matter.

My doodle-off strategy
The ideal would be to produce lots of small, quickly rendered drawings That said, I’ll doubtless labor obsessively over about six for an age, before a last-minute bolt a couple of days before the deadline.

What I hope to gain from the competition?
A challenge to explore a subject through a breadth of techniques / drawing approaches. I’m especially intrigued by the requirement to produce 10 drawings on a media other than paper. No idea how to tackle that one.


Maria Doering said...

Welcome to the Doodle-off Anthony! :) oh contour drawing, i forgot how much fun that is, I might try some of those too!

Racheal said...

Anthony happy you could make it! Your strategy sounds about right...i like it!

i agree with maria---i might try contour line again. there's no pressure involved with them, usually.