Maria's Doodle's #75-86

So I thought about different materials to draw on and I had some scraps of linoleum flying around. Initially the plan was to just draw/ doodle on (that's why some of them are written forward and not backwards) but half way through I just couldn't resist and I started carving them out, so the second half I wrote backwards (so that they would actually print the right way). I picked up some non-toxic waterbased speedball inks to experiment with (that's some WEIRD STUFF!). Being a print maker I'm used to the toxic, oilbased lithography inks, that i usually use for all my prints. Definitely not such a big fan of this speedball stuff, after inking up one little block I had to scrape my palette because the ink was already dried on it! Anyways lol that's printstuff but here is my doodled type that I've worked/ and chopped for the past few days.
Oh and I could have just gone to the printshop to print it at school but I wanted to get back to my roots ;) and hand print it without a press.

I haven't pulled good copies yet so you'll only get to see the inked up blocks for now. The bottom one I managed to print a decent 2 color copy. For hand burnishing it's not that bad. I'm usually more a fan of the perfectly crisp prints that you get from running it through a press.


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Jeremy Treadwell said...

mm awesome, I had all these blocks left I was thinking about that. they look fantastic

Maria Doering said...

if you don't have a press available if you get watersoluable speedball inks you really don't need a press, they print well by hand, just don't mount your lino to anything, with that ink you can almost use it like a stamp. If it's already mounted to wood then just do it the way we learned and hand burnish it from the paper side. Also works well.