Maria's Doodle #1 & 2

I got this small leather bound sketchbook that I am planning on filling with this competition. Due to my move I am using my boyfriend's scanner which isn't working as well as I want it to be. The plan is to doodle on every page, front and back.

I also want to do a bit more representational/observational drawing this time around.


wee-fi said...

awww the frustration one makes me sad lol *hugs* the leather bound book is gonna be cool :)

RaShell said...

Cool first entries! My work scanner sucks big time too, but I have one at home (if I can dig it out from under the pile of papers ;)). I am not sure I'm organized enough to doodle entirely in one book, but perhaps I should try it too :)

Jeremy Treadwell said...

I just learned how to work a scanner lol yay mm Maria that book is going to be amazing

Maria Doering said...

:) It's sooooooooooooooo satisfying when I manage to completely finish a sketchbook/journal. I often times just start one with a few entries and then jump to a new one, so it's a challenge to finish one for once! :)

Racheal said...

love art = love for life

where have i seen tha before??? oh right. ;)

i love how your working with typography.

Bronny said...

Ah, I'm buying a scanner just for this (ok, there are other reasons too!).

I like that you are filling a sketchbook!