Linda 7+8

So I ate too much pumpkin pie after dinner and now I can't sleep.
Seemed like a good time to get a couple doodles in.

I'm not proud of #7, Too Many Squares (doesn't even deserve a title,
really) but I just wanted to see what I would do with just making
continuous squares. Answer: nowhere.

#8, Scary Tomato, it's not pretty but I liked doing it. I got in the
Mental Doodle Zone and just kept my pencil moving, then my paint
brush. Turns out the crummy paints I have aren't so bad if I just use
a lot of pigment. Can't blame the paints for bad doodles; must blame
myself. All in good humor of course. 'Tis but a doodle.


Maria Doering said...

I actually enjoy number 7 a lot! :) The pencil combined with watercolor (?) is beautiful!

btw i believe there is no such thing as a bad doodle. :) afterall the doodle is something like an exercise and simply the fact that it was created already brings it to good-status ;), see it that way! it's fun!

Racheal said...

i agree with maria---7 is awesome!
you are beating yourself up too much! the point of art is to show up and make something-anything. you did that! and its pretty too:)

linda said...

Thanks Maria and Racheal! It really is a learning process--figuring out when a doodle is done and ready to share, or just made for the garbage can. I'm learning!