Linda 44-51

'genuine phone doodles'

'two flowers, one askew'

'rocks on an incline'

'silly flowers' --trying out another Pilot V5 rollerball pen. I thought I'd read the new ones were water resistant, clearly that's not the case. Does anyone have any pen recommendations?

'lines and lines' Pilot V5 makes delightful lines. I could probably draw lines with it all day. Or at least for an hour or two.


RaShell said...

My head is so full of all kinds of cliches that I'd totally call the rock doodle "Rolling Stones" :)))

linda said...

hmmm...maybe that should be your next doodle!

Anonymous said...

They turned out great and here's what I'm using for pens:

"Fine" Sharpie Pen
(water resistance).

Racheal said...

yes yes! it's all about the lines!

i use the fine sharpie PEN too! the ink doesn't seep through to the other side of paper and it's water resistant. by me they are only sold individually though so i have to stock up.

linda said...

oh thank you so much! and i have a tip for you-- i saw those pens sold in a 10 pack (or more!) at costco.

Maria Doering said...

47 reminds me of drying flowers and leaves in between pages of my million books, when i was a kid.. I used to line them up next to each other and then close the books, stack them and forget about them, to this day I find dried flowers and stuff in random books :)