Lani Doodles #9-12

1st Doodle on non-paper substrate! Yummy caramel doodle!
Latte Doodle by Lani Mathis

2nd Doodle on non-paper substrate! But a few rain drops got it :(
Doodle on wood by Lani Mathis

Doodling some pattern references.
Doodle by Lani Mathis

Michael sitting at 4bucks.
Doodle by Lani Mathis


Fiona said...

WOW The caramel is such a great idea!!! Looks awesome! And delicious :)

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Thanks Fiona! I tried ice cream earlier, but it didn't work out so well!

Fiona said...

I would eat the ice cream before having a chance to doodle with it haha ; )

RaShell said...

OOoo!!! Caramel doodles, yummy!!! Cool idea and it came out great too!

Dawn said...

Caramel doodle...YUM!

Anonymous said...


Racheal said...

damn you all are creative with the other materials thing. i'm getting nervous.

caramel idea-genious and cute. and the wood one is adorable.