Lani Doodles #33-37

Many more drawings on wood. I like these little panels!
The Wood Dweller
The Wood Dweller drawing by Lani Mathis

The Lady and the Dragon- I love drawings with multiple levels.
The Lady and the Dragon drawing by Lani Mathis

Includes the Octane logo in honor of where it was drawn :)
Blue doodle by Lani Mathis

This one had some strange moments that I'm not sure it quite recovered from!
Fish doodle by Lani Mathis

Sea Monsters Rule.
Sea Monster with Boat doodle by Lani Mathis


Anonymous said...

Really Nice. Love the last one.


Maria Doering said...

It very intersting what the wood and the wood grain does to your imagery. I enjoyed the crisp lines of them on white but I am absolutely fascinated with how lively and dynamic they look on wood, really great job Lani!

linda said...

Lani, these are AMAZING!

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Thanks guys!
Maria- really interesting what you pointed out. I went back and looked through them and I now believe I was subconsciencely (sp?) following the grain. It's most obvious in the first and second one which have more movement. I feel that the 2 in blue are the least successful and incidently, they have the flatest, straightest grain. Coincedece?

Celeste Jean said...

ooohhh... that sea monster and creepy and very cool.