I'm still alive! Dawn doodles 29-48

Doodles 29-30.
Doodle 31.

Doodle 32.Doodle 33Doodle 34
Doodle 35
Doodle 36

Doodle 37

Doodle 38

Doodle 39Doodle 40
Doodle 41

Doodle 42
Doodle 43
Doodle 44

Doodle 45

Doodle 46-47

Doodle 48...There will be more of this little dresser thingy doodled! I bought it from IKEA a while ago and never could decide how to decorate it. Don't know why it didn't occur to me before this!


linda said...

I love how you're doodling on the Ikea drawers!

Dawn said...


Fiona said...

Niceeeee! Love the drawers! :)