Fi - doodles #3-6

Hm…some gel pens don't scan very well. Hrmmmmmmz!


Maria Doering said...

hmmmm... remember the big doodle that you gave me... "hey there girl" the gold and purple one. what did you do to scan that one? the gels showed up ok in that one!
If not maybe taking a photo with certain lighting will work better on the gold and stuff.
The red and gold combo is sexy! :)

wee-fi said...

I think its because this one was silver it was difficult to show up? But I love that one....hey there gurlllll!

Racheal said...

yea i have a green gel penned one-abstract. it was scanned and looked good.

gel pens are a toss up with scanning.

man i love fiona talk. you have some of the best lines

Bronny said...

I love your doodled quotes. I might have to borrow that idea!

wee-fi said...

Yeah, I doodle random things I hear on TV or from my friends, etc. lol Love me some custom type action!