Dawn #1-6 and Intro

Hi, all! I'm excited to be part of this competition...there are already some WONDERFUL doodles!

I've been doodling for a while now in my art journal...It's my style of journaling. I never really was much of a doodler before I art journaled. My thing is letters! I love doodling letters, words and phrases of all kinds. I'd love to branch out and try some faces in this contest...we'll see if the results are worth posting! And I also want to try some graffiti lettering.

I started out last night real slow...Sometimes I will doodle a whole art journal page, but for me that can take a while!

Yes, this is supposed to be upside down...they're hanging flower chandeliers. :)


Maria Doering said...

Hello Dawn! Welcome to the Doodle-off! :) I reallly enjoy the "be the flower one and the "nothing stays the same" they both have a very strong and striking quality

Dawn said...

Thanks, Maria!

wee-fi said...

Welcome! I feel you on the type - so much fun! : ) Good luck!

RaShell said...

Very nice, Dawn!

Racheal said...

hey dawn! welcome!

letters are the best!!! excited to see what you make and to get to know ya.