Back from two weddings this weekend, and here I go.

I'm off to a slow start as Beth and I attended the wedding extravaganza this last weekend. One wedding in NJ and another in WV. But here I go......

Thought it only proper that I should start with One. But what fun is one if it is not half sphinx?

Trying to turn the creative juices on in #2. Make sure to turn off all cellular and computer communicating devices for this venture.

#3 Is a response to too many people gabbing in the state of New Jersey, while they should be driving. Sorry cell phones and driving no mixie!!!!

#5 Yea, I wasn't kidding. I was none to impressed with the state of New Jersey while driving all over the country this weekend.

#6 and #7. Beth and I driving in our wonderful little VW and the course with which we rode.


Reverend Ross said...

Neat stuff. Road rage becomes you.

Racheal said...

ha! you made it!
i love the expression of the giant head in #2.

btw, NJ sucks.
fiona's from NJ, sort of.

Maria Doering said...

Haha I do NOT MISS DRIVING in Jersey! Used to live there too. love the fueling up with ideas one! cool driving route too!

Racheal said...

just wanted to clarify my sarcasm in relation to NJ sucks comment.

they pump your gas for you! so they have something to offer. :)

(sorry Linda) hehe!