Meet RaShell

Hi there,

This picture here is one of my old doodled rocks, The Warrior
Face, and with it I'm trying to achieve two goals (get it - 2 birds, 1 stone? ;))- intimidate the other doodlers and also wiesel out of scanning my very first doodle for this post. Ha, the competition hasn't even begun yet, and I'm already slacking off... Oh, well...

My name is RaShell, and some of you might "know" me from visiting the blog that I run, Doodlage. I am a graphic designer, artist, mom, wife and daughter, crafter, Twitter, blogger, and too many other things to mention. On the top of that, I have a self-diagnosed accute case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Doodler) with no desire for the cure. It started long time ago, but definitely accelerated to the point that I see doodles in pretty much anything and everything ever since I got involved with Doodlage. I even started my own Etsy Store in which I sell various things I've doodled on ;)

My strategy: *in the voice of Dori from Finding Nemo* Just keep doodling. Sorry, that's all I've got :)

Goals: I'm all for doing something creative, so if there's a specific goal in sight, that makes it a bit easier to concentrate my scattered attention and certainly makes it more fun. So, competitive doodling, here I come.


Maria Doering said...

Hahaha, I have Dori's voice in my head all the time just that I took her literally: "Just keep swimming.. just keep swimming.." :D. That's brilliant.. Just keep doodling is a perfect substitute for the next 2 months! :) I definitely am a fan of your OCD as well! Welcome RaShell! Btw thanks again for infusing life back into the doodle-off with your feature a while back! :) I dare to say Version 3 is happening right now thanks to you!

Racheal said...

i heart rashell.

also, maybe we all have a little add and doodling helps??

Bronny said...

Oh I love the etsy store!