a smorgasboard of doodles 3-9

 Okay, there is a lot of different stuff in here. Over the course of the last week, I have completely re-organized my studio space, and that has sucked up quite a bit of my time and my energy. While re-organizing, I doodled a few, joining new stuff with old stuff, writing (I consider writing as a form of doodling, the way that I do it anyways). So here is the order:

1-This one I did to encourage myself to get to the doodle, right smack on the cover of my sketchbook. It's a hungry sketchbook and it needs to be fed.

2-Here's a little bit of writing, a little reminder for the perfectionist inside of all of us. I can't remember what movie I was watching, but one of the female characters blurted this out in a totally random context, which made the quote so much more meaningful.

3-This one here is a sketch that I had made for a piece that I was working on, but it doesn't look at all like this now. It has keys inside of it some sort of open box with dowels on the front. I will post the finished version on my blog very soon. The scan was not entirely successful, due to the reflectiveness of the ballpoint pen on an enveloppe from Revenu Canada.

4-This one is done on top of a digital print of a door. The doors are a recurring theme in my artwork, passageways that we have or don't have access to; a glimpse at an opening, either inside one's self or completely outside. When we breathe, a door opens and closes. So many metaphors...

5-This one is a galaxy on the tip of a squished car lighter, done on coquille paper.

6-This is a hand drawing, well a drawing of a hand, with the exact spot where my two life lines cross. Notice that I have misspelled my name. I copied it from a print that I did when I was 10 years old, where, for some odd-known reason, I strangely misspelled my name when I signed it. Maybe an alter ego?

7- Talking about alter egos...

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Racheal said...

I love the explainations. Have you ever seen the artist who tapes pens to willow trees and puts paper underneath....now thats randomness.