Racheal Anilyse: Doodles 39-50

Siri As Is: front, originally uploaded by rachealanilyse.

So....the full story version is here. Basically it's 6 postcards doodled on front and back...so that's 12 more doodles (yea I'm counting the back as a doodle). They are all on Flickr if you care to look, but I didn't feel like uploading all 12 here. Between a blog, a flickr and the doodle off page, I'm getting tired of uploading.


KisforCalligraphy said...

The doodle postcards are "just right" on!!! multiplied by 12 (that's right 12 comments...see Rach's flickr account..LOL)
Rach, you are just right as the new Doodle Queen (no offense to other doodlers...I am just being extra obnoxious for the sake of Rach winning the crown!)
xo, Katy

Dolores said...

Yes, Doodle Queen would fit you perfectly Racheal,
love the doodling on this one, that soft background really gives it a nice feel.

Dolores said...

Wow, wow, wow, checked out your Flickr site and love all of them fronts and backs. That Doodle Queen crown will fit you to a tee. Awesome work.

Maria Doering said...

lol... hm since we have an extra doodle blog.. i don't know if comments in flickr count ;)
but nice try :p

Alice Wong said...

Hey, that's cool. I like, I like. I can't post anything I have no internet in my new apartment. I have a new job so I haven't had time to doodle. And there are no scanners at work. So I will do what I can but I will not make it to 100. Good luck to the other contesters!!!