Matt's first doodles

Here's the first one. It's kind of like a wheel with something of a fuzz on it. Yeah, a fuzz-wheel.
I am making sketches based on found objects basically to plan out how I am going to modify them. Something like this would be put inside a small compartment in a box, with many more inside. Small disks of fetish found object delight! Imagine if they made something like a turkish delight in this shape? I could keep on going, but I got more doodling to do.

The next one is closer to a finished drawing. It's a crest. Could be the cover of a small box that would contain turkish delight fuzz-wheels. God, I got to capitalize on this stuff! 


Maria Doering said...

YEAY for doodle participation! ... turkish delight fuzz button?interesting. nice right drawing ;)

Racheal said...

fuzzy buttons hmm.....
it would defintly make getting dressed more interesting.

Have you considered making an inflaitable, life preserver plaque or frame...that's what I thought the second sketch as.

Will you post your objects if you make them from your sketches? I'd like to see how the idea gets twisted and morphed on paper to 3D?

jquadros said...

I, too, worry about copyright infringement.