definition of "doodle"

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doo·dle /ˈdudl/ [dood-l] - verb, -dled, -dling, noun
–verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
1. to draw or scribble idly: He doodled during the whole lecture.

2. to waste (time) in aimless or foolish activity.

3. Dialect. to deceive; cheat. –noun

4. a design, figure, or the like, made by idle scribbling.

5. Archaic. a foolish or silly person.
[Origin: 1935–40, Americanism; orig. sense, fool (n.)] —Related forms
doodler, noun

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Location said...

Which means make idling time so you can aimlessly scribble!!! And I will fix why my name is location... haha