#16-20: Doodles vs. Sculpture

I wish I could say my more ambitious sculptures weren't really just 3D manipulations of doodles I do, but really, they are in many ways interchangeable. I like to think they exist harmoniously. I have no real idea?


Images of the bear suit and Coyotes. Two of my most recent infatuations. This is maybe a rough of a small bust I've been toying with recently.


A doodle of a recent performance piece I put on. An image of which is my blogger icon! I decided tighty whiteys were the way to go instead of the wiener, though.


Another example of a doodle I work with along side a performance.


A doodle of a sculpture now in progress. Maybe I can give you all a play by play. It's actually all in place right now. It just needs a lot of surface work.


A doodle of a pseudo recent installation I did.

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Racheal said...

I looked quickly and did not understand doodle 18 until I read the description above...the emotion in that one is really awesome.

Do you have any footage of this performance....or evidence of the installation?